Sphereon brings Blockchain-anchored Proof of Authenticity to Kofax Capture

We’re happy to announce the pre-release of our Blockchain Proof of Authenticity for Kofax Capture


With 20,000+ global customers, Kofax Capture is by far the biggest Document Scanning solution in the world. It is used by all of 10 biggest global Banks, Insurance companies and supply chain companies. Literally 10’s of millions of documents are scanned every day.

The solution developed by Sphereon plugs right into the Kofax Capture system and enables Kofax Capture customers to anchor scanned documents onto the Factom blockchain as part of their Document Capture process.

This enables organizations to prove, beyond any doubt, exactly when a document was scanned and that it has not been changed since. Proof of existence. proof of authenticity.

The independent system the Factom’s blockchain provides, is extremely important for organizations, such as banks and insurance companies, which have to be compliant to rules and regulations in many different countries and jurisdictions.  However local companies benefit too: for records management, for transparency to stakeholders, for internal control against tampering or even fraud. Easy to prove authenticity builds up trust for all parties.

Blockchain Proof of Authenticity for Kofax Capture is available for pre-release from:


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