P3iD Technologies premieres capture platform at Capture 2018


  Silicon Valley, CA- August 23, 2018:  P3iD Technologies, a company providing secure hybrid business workflow solutions, today announced that it will premiere its Business Efficiency Center (BEC) capture platform at the Harvey SpencerAssociates’ Capture 2018 conference in Glen Cove, NY, September 5-6, 2018.  The Capture 2018 event is the conference where you can meet and talk with the leaders and decision makers and thought leaders of this industry.

P3iD Technologies has organized a consortium of business automation technologies, as well a team of experienced industry veterans, to deliver a variety of cloud services including data capture from scanners and MFP devices, analytics and dashboarding as well as business process workflow all a a highly secure environment.

We’ve built a platform for document and data capture that is secure, innovative, modular and extensible,” said John Capurso, Sr. Vice President at P3iD.  “We’ve taken the time to design this reference platform so that it works exceedingly well as is, or, to make a Lego® analogy, we can swap out scanning modules, or cloud modules for the needs of an enterprise or agency.  If the customer prefers traditional USB-scanners or networkable MFPs for capture, those can be accommodated as easily.  We’ve selected technology partners that we know, we trust and we are amazed by.”

The P3iD BEC platform will demonstrate TWAIN Direct, a new driver-less scanning standard developed by the TWAIN Working Group.  As a Technology Sponsor for Capture 2018 and an Associate Members of the TWAIN Working Group, P3iD is committed to advance this standard with demonstrable product and marketing support as well as delivering product. 

For more information about the P3iD’s presence at Capture 2018, go to https://P3iDtech.com/capture-2018.   


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