New Versions of A2iA’s Mobile SDKs Boast Expanded Global Footprints, Improved Automatic Image Capture, and Enhanced Extraction Capabilities

A2iA’s mobile data recognition footprint now totals nearly 20 country-locales for mobile check recognition, and more than 230 countries for mobile ID recognition


New York, New York and Paris, France, February 2, 2018 – A2iA (@A2iA), an award-winning developer of artificial intelligence and machine-learning based software for the worldwide data capture, document processing, and payment systems markets, today announced new versions of its a2ia Mobility™ and a2ia mCapture™ software toolkits. a2ia Mobility V7.0, a configurable SDK, features offline and client-side image analysis, A2iA’s patented automatic capture feature – Auto-Locate™, and data extraction from documents like checks, identity documents, proof of residency forms, bill pay stubs and receipts. a2ia mCapture V2.0, also a configurable SDK, boasts Auto-Locate™, a feature powered by a video stream to ensure a simple user experience, and image conversion.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest financial institutions, merchants and retailers, corporations and service organizations, a2ia Mobility is tuned in the company’s in-house research laboratory to address the specific documents and workflows from each of the country locales it supports. This ensures high accuracy levels and increased straight-through processing for A2iA’s partners. The newest version of a2ia Mobility boasts an enhanced global footprint, adding support for Moroccan and Indian checks, Italian savings bonds, line item details on US merchant receipts, as well as updated layouts of US drivers’ licenses.

“Mobile capture and recognition crosses all industries and territories, and are critical in addressing multi-channel and digital transformation strategies,” said Wendi Klein, A2iA Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Mobile Partner Development. “Understanding that each market may have its own requirements is key. Working with A2iA’s in-house R&D team, we can ensure our global partners meet specific requirements for their locale and stay ahead of the curve with new and innovative features.”

a2ia Mobility and a2ia mCapture are available for integration into mobile apps to speed complex onboarding and ID recognition, mobile check deposit, bill pay workflows and receipt processing.

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