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KnowledgeLake Launches Cloud Capture Service

While the cloud ECM market seems to be maturing nicely, cloud capture is still in its nascent stages. At the recent Harvey Spencer Associates Capture Conference, HSA VP of Research Mike Spang estimated that in 2016, cloud sales made up…

Highlights of AIIM 2017 Conference

One of the most popular questions I still get related to AIIM Conferences is “did you see anything interesting?” This harkens back to AIIM events of old, when it was more about the expo and less about the conference, and plenty of vendors…

CapServe 17 Addresses Changing Dynamics for Service Providers

The acronym SOS can stand for a couple phrases, both pertinent to the state of the document service provider industry. The first is “Save our ship,” which is a well-known distress signal. The second is “same old stuff,” which is part of the…

CEO Reidy Assumes Command of TIS U.S. Operations

Former ReadSoft U.S. President Bob Fresneda departs TISOver the past three years, Top Image Systems has gone through quite a bit of restructuring. It started in 2014 with the acquisition of U.S. based eGistics, a hosted software provider…

Insightful Quotes from our Feb. 3, 2017 issue

“Intelligent Delivery Service is really focused on improving how people work. It’s not just about opening mail and scanning it. We are trying to optimize mail delivery, reduce processing time, and drive better business decisions.” —Nicole

Why Linger When it comes to Content Analytics?

  Guest Editorial Analytics are a hot topic in our industry, as well as in the IT market at large. AIIM’s Bob Larrivee has authored a guest piece for DIR about the importance of content analytics (CA), as well as some of the adoption

M-Files Ready for Next Generation of ECM

The recently announced planned acquisition of Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) by Open Text has brought a lot of lot of talk about the changing of the guard regarding the ECM market. Along these lines, M-Files VP of Marketing…

Election Systems Specialist Partners with ibml

After the 2000 presidential election and the controversy surrounding punch cards related to “hanging chads” and other potential errors, there has been a fairly strong movement in the U.S. to install more advanced voting tabulation

SkySync Offers Solution for Merging ECM & FSS Systems

(From 2-5-16 issue) A couple years ago, I attended a presentation by long-time ECM industry analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe, who was discussing the proliferation of file, sync, and share (FSS) use at Global 5000 organizations. One point he made