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Utilities Brace for Unexpected Shocks to the System

  Solving unanticipated utility accounting and customer service challenges not covered by existing ERP systems Although utility companies handle routine business with complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and customer relationship

TWAIN Direct:™ Easy Scanning for Every Application

TWAIN Direct™ Easy Scanning for Every Application In today’s scanning environments, an image capture interface has to be employed to enable communication between the software and scanning device.  For application developers, this can pose

Introduction to TWAIN Direct White Paper

{PrizmCloud-viewer viewertype="html5" document="PDF/presreleases/IntroductiontoTWAINDirect.pdf" viewerwidth="600" viewerheight="900" toolbarColor="CCCCCC" printButton="Yes" }   {PrizmCloud-viewer viewertype="html5"…

DocVille-Oct. 21 Roundtable Discussion Topics

A) Smart Process Apps (SPA) and intelligent BPMS (iBPMS)– Are they Really the Savior for the Future?   Forrester is pushing the term SPA (Smart Process Apps) and Gartner the term iBPMS  (intelligent Business Process Management Suite). Both…

South Side Chicago Hospital HR Takes to the Cloud

Easier Access Delivered, Security Ensured With Cloud-Based Document Management System Confidentiality. It’s the one word that is likely ever present on the minds of most Human Resources professionals. Typically entrusted with maintaining…